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    Hey there, dear friends. Today we have decided to delight you with another new and exclusive online game, and this time the game wants to bring you as main characters, your friends from Shopkins Shoppies. This new and fun online game is a math quiz type of game, a fun game in which your little friends want you show you how fun math can be sometimes and how easy you can practice it and enjoy it in the same time. Here in this new and fun online type of game, you are invited to join your friends and stat by choosing the level of difficulty you wish to play from easy, medium to hard. You will receive the problems along with some answers and you will have to do the math and decide whether the answers are right or wrong. Come and join your friends in this new and fun online type of game, a new math quiz in which your friends Shopkins Shoppies will be by your side, waiting to have some great fun together. Enjoy your time while playing this new game, here on!
      HOW TO PLAY:
      Use your mouse to control the game